Welcome to my Page !!!!! (^▽^) 

I'm glad to see you here. (⌒▽⌒) 

For all who don't know me... I'm Desiree "Lytalia" S. and I'm in the age of 19. At the moment I am living in Germany near to Munich but in a few Years i see myself probably in Canada ;) 

When I was around 13 I started to loooove Japanese stuff. I found some good Mangas like Peach Girl, Missile Happy etc. which I am still reading. Then i started to watch Sailor Moon as Series in TV. I loved it. I also watched Digimon for example. But actually I don't really have a favourite Anime( ̄□ ̄). I watched a lot and i'll watch some more ^_^

As soon as i turned 15 I found ths Anime and Cosplay Website called Animexx.  I made myself an Account and tried to find out how this all works til I found out there's a Animexx-Cosplay-Meeting in Munich. Great, I thought and this is how my journey as Cosplayer started.

Now I'm 19 years old and I don't cosplay anymore, since 2 Years. But I want to start again and I hope you will follow me on my journey :)                            

Let's get this started (*^▽^*)                                                                                           

Lytalia Veil ♥

On this Homepage you'll see my Cosplays I've already done, my Cosplays in Progress and my wish Cosplays.

You'll also see what is one of my biggest Dreams and maybe you can help me make it true.

I Hope you'll have fun during reading and watching all the stuff.

Enjoy it.  (´・ω・`)


<- this video is in German! It shows me (roxas) and  my friends Axel and Zexion having fun outdoor. And yes it was cold to this time :D

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